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Our Vision

i-Teach Transformative Knowledge Solutions Ltd. strives to be the premier educational support system for students, parents, and teachers through the creation of unique learning solutions that meet the needs of a diverse range of learners including those with special learning and developmental needs.

Our Mission

At the core of i-Teach is the provision of customizable learning experiences unique to the individual learner – be it students, parents, or teachers. While we offer group solutions, our core programs can all be modified based on clients’ needs. New programs can also be created specifically for the client. The aim of i-Teach is for each child to succeed academically based on their unique abilities and learning competencies, while catering to their socio-emotional needs; for each parent to have the tools and resources needed to assist their child in their academic and personal growth and for each educator to be confident and competent in their pedagogical processes and practices.

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