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i-Teach encapsulates all that I am as a learning and development specialist. It is built on more than a decade of personal and professional experience along with extensive training in teaching and learning.

I am a trained learning and development specialist currently pursuing my PhD in Education with a specialisation in Language and Literacy. I also have a Masters in Language and Literacy (with Distinction), a Post-graduate Diploma in Education (with Distinction) and a Post-graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership and Management. I am also experienced in Adolescent Counselling, Special Needs and Inclusive Education and Teacher Education. I have 10+ years’ experience working with primary and secondary students with diverse needs in both the private and public sector as well as with local, regional, and international non-governmental organisations and other educational stakeholders.

My experience includes:

  • Successfully preparing students with and without learning difficulties/disabilities for the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination (BSSEE), commonly known as the 11+ examination as well as the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) examinations.

  • Providing academic counselling for students and parents.

  • Providing training for teachers in Special Education Needs (SEN), literacy, and adolescent development.

  • Facilitating parent workshops to assist parents in aiding their teens in navigating their educational journeys and the learning process.

Shawntelle Morgan, M.Ed.

Founder and CEO

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