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i-Teach offers a comprehensive range of programs and resources for students, parents, and educators. We also offer educational resources and teacher supplies for sale. These can be viewed on our Instagram page and purchased at our location in Maxwell, Ch. Ch.

We cater to students with and without learning difficulties/disabilities. At i-Teach we utilize differentiated instruction to meet the academic needs of students with learning difficulties/ disabilities. This means that all elements of the teaching and learning process are adapted/customized to meet the needs of the learner. Using this approach, our programs are suitable for all levels of learners. While some programs are curated specifically for students with learning difficulties/disabilities, students at varying academic levels are accommodated in all of our programs. This can be in a small-group setting or individually. 


Our programs are also suitable for those who are home-schooled, school leavers - of all ages- as well as those enrolled in educational institutions. We offer both day and evening sessions, Monday to Saturday. 

Below is a list of some of our services. All programs can be individualized to meet the needs of the client. Additionally, academic programs can be created based on the learning needs of the students. 

Format: At i-Teach, we take pride in offering flexible, customizable learning solutions. All sessions are offered as small group (max.15 students) subject to the competency of the student and the type of program. We also offer individual ( sessions for those who may benefit from individualized attention or a more flexible learning schedule. This can be due to specific learning difficulties/ disabilities and/or work/study commitments which require flexible learning arrangements. Students also have the flexibility of participating in small group sessions, with supplemented individual sessions for specific topics. 

Delivery: Face-to-face, online, and blended modalities are available.

The Process:

SEN (Special Education Needs) Programs

Parent consultations and Student Learning Profiles are mandatory before commencing SEN programs. SEN Programs are curated for students with diagnosed learning difficulties/disabilities – Dyslexia, Autism, Tourette’s etc. It is imperative that students are matched to the correct program based on their interests, learning style and literacy (thinking, reading, writing and comprehension) level. Student Learning Profiles allow your child/ward to get the best learning experience possible, based on their unique characteristics as a learner and an individual.

Student Learning Profiles are recommended for all learners who may be experiencing difficulties at school - as this allows us to determine the causes of these difficulties and ensure that the recommended or selected learning programs are appropriate for the student's learning needs. 


Interested in registering for a program or want to learn more about our services? 

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Alternatively, call or WhatsApp 1 (246) 249-3033 or email

Our Services

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