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Free Workshops!

Ladies and Gentlemen - The wait is soon over - we will be opening August 2023! When we said we would be offering parent support - we meant it!

If you have ever struggled with the next steps after your child/ward received a diagnosis of a learning difficulty or disability, if you have ever sought information or assistance but could never quite find what you were looking for, if your child/ward is entering secondary school and you are uncertain as to how you can help them navigate this new chapter - then one or more of these workshops are for you!

We are happy to announce that we will be offering FREE workshops for parents of students entering secondary school as well as parents of students with learning difficulties/disabilities. That's right FREE parent workshops!

The role of parents/guardians in student success is irrefutable - as such, we want to empower and equip parents/guardians to help their children/wards navigate their learning journeys!


Simply click on the workshops or images listed below to register!

We will be offering the following workshops FREE of cost:

  1. 'What Every Parent Should Know About Dyslexia!'   

  2. 'Navigating Secondary School with a Learning Difficulty/Disability'

  3. 'Navigating Secondary School'

All sessions are face-to-face and will include a Q and A segment!
Book your spot today as spaces are limited!
Be sure to share with friends and family who can benefit from these FREE sessions!

Need more details? Send us a WhatsApp message at 249-3033.

At i-Teach - We Do Things Differently!

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